Monthly Archives: August 2013

Amazon book launch to #1

Many thanks to all our Joint Venture partners in launching our book The Perpetual Wealth System to number one in 3 days! Could not make it happen without a team effort. Very exciting it came together and looking forward to working with some of the readers of the book in their wealth accumulation efforts!

Internet Marketing Critical Part of Success

Just did a great interview with internet marketing expert Brian Edmondson. Will appear on my web radio show next Monday. Just go to

Income and Retirement with Mobile Home Parks

Just interviewed national expert on mobile homes Christy Harris. Really eye opening about the power and opportunity of investing in mobile home parks. Listen and act today at

Double your social security income

So many people mistakenly believe there is nothing they can do with their social security benefit but apply when they qualify. This thinking will cost you tens of thousands of dollars per year in income. Just did a great interview with SSI expert. Please listen at