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RE/MAX Event

I have been spreading the word all over the country speaking at seminars to people who are interested in getting ahead financially showing how to easily create and protect more wealth.  After being in real estate sales and investing for over 23 years I decided to take this message to the real estate community as well to help them grow and protect wealth.

John Jamieson with Pam Bellante and Joe Sabatini of RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan

John Jamieson with Pam Bellante and Joe Sabatini of RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan

If you are a real estate professional you know that one of the biggest problems you have is actually putting money away in a tax favored environment.  The reason most agents don’t come close to maximizing their savings efforts is that those tax favored environments lock up your money.  Since you are a commissioned salesperson how do you know that you might not need that money during a slow time?  You always need to have plenty of liquid cash in the bank to make sure your personal and business expenses are met.  Just because you had a good month or two does not mean you might not get slow in the next month or two.  It is a vicious cycle of thinking that is holding your financial growth way down.

The Perpetual Wealth System and Real Estate Agents Build Wealth were put together with that specific problem in mind.  We now have a way that you can put money away in a tax free environment and yet maintain control of the money and use it any way you see fit in the months and years to come.  So how much more money would you put away if you knew you could access it in 48 hours if you really needed it with no strings attached?   You can use the money for anything you wish with no taxes or penalty for accessing the funds.

We thank RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan for hosting an event where I could speak to real estate professionals about their unique financial challenges and ways to help them build and grow their wealth so they are more confident as they are growing their business and prepared for when they retire.

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