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Free Webinar – Banking and Life Insurance

Please join us on Thursday, May 28th 2015 for an absolutely FREE Personal Banking and Life Insurance Webinar hosted by #1 Best Selling Author, John Jamieson


Ask yourself this question; How much money would you have today if you had back every payment you had ever made on anything in your life? Every car, house, credit card, student, business loan, and any other debt in your life, you would have today. Not only would you have all those payments back but they would have been growing for years, tax-free, at a strong rate of return and you had access to the money any time for any reason without penalty.

You see, the average American family spends approximately 40% of their income on outgoing payments. We pay that money to banks and finance companies for the use of their money; in the form of principal and interest. Meanwhile we are told to invest 10% of our income into 401ks, IRAs, and other similar investment vehicles and hope the stock market goes up so maybe one day we can retire. Yet, as of December 2014 the US National Average Savings Rate was just 4.3%.

What if you were the bank and could pick up all those payments for yourself and your family? Would you be much wealthier than you are now? The answer for all of us is a big YES! If that interests you and would like to know more, join us on the webinar to get more details. You have the ability to start your own finance company and build wealth rapidly and safely.

Banking and Life Insurance Webinar is May 28,2015 at 8:00 pm EDT. This is free to join, please share this with others you know that would benefit from the great information being shared by John Jamieson. Don’t forget to register and put the date/time on your calendar!